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Radiation burn scars, Hiroshima, 1945.

Alright, so I try not to make long text posts complaining about things often, if ever; but I feel inclined to write about one of many similar experiences that occurred tonight, mostly because it genuinely scared me and I am fucking tired of dealing with this shit.

I just got home from a show in which I went up to a guy after he played and told him that I really liked his set, I asked him if he had any tapes and he said he could mail them to me if I gave him my address, which I did, and later in the really regretted doing. It’s all too often that I’ve seen men assume that just because a female gives them a compliment, it must mean they are interested in him in some way. For the rest of the night this guy persistently hit on me, touched me way too much, tried to get me alone any chance he got, invaded my personal space, ect. By the end of the night I was far past creeped out, because of his mannerisms and the questions he was asking me, how much he was touching me and following me, I actually started to get pretty scared.

I wanted to make this post because it’s a perfect example of what we mean when we talk about male entitlement, not to say that this is anywhere near as bad as it gets, but just because it reminds me the lengths that women have to go just to be regarded as a fucking person, just to be talked to as a person without any ulterior motive.

Someone explained this really well to me recently. She said that she was outside of a party smoking a cigarette and overheard a man hitting on/harassing a woman, and she stepped in, put on her scariest voice and said “I’m going to fucking rape you.” and the guy didn’t know what to say so he just started laughing.

So she said, “See, if you had said that to me, or any woman, they’d be running away right now, they’d be terrified. But when I say that to you, it’s a joke.”

I shouldn’t have to be scared right now, but I am, and I think it’s with good reason.

Thank you for reading this if you did.

Striations noise set at the youth center, Watsonville.



the show at The Rio Theater in Santa Cruz is a Grand Fanali Presents show/i.e. was booked by a person who is a fuckin’ sexual predator so if you want to see them please check out their other dates

Santa Cruz has a serious predator promoter problem. Take “Pirate Schmucks” for…

Spread the word. This is important.

entitled white “punk” kids who sit outside and drink instead of watching the bands are the BEST


cabo de guerra II / tug of war II
naquim azul sobre papel / blue nankeen on paper